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Bitcoin Support
Bitcoin SupportFor Bull Bitcoin, powered by Bitcoin Mentor

We help people install, secure, and manage bitcoin wallets with one-on-one live video calls.


Become a Sovereign Bitcoiner

Bitcoin Self-custody

By using your own Bitcoin wallet instead of leaving the bitcoin on an exchange, you can have full and exclusive control over your money. This is called Bitcoin self-custody.

If you leave your bitcoins on an exchange or other custodial services (like Shakepay or Coinbase) you don’t actually own Bitcoin all you have is a legal claim to bitcoin. Not your keys? Not your coins.

Custodial services can restrict access to your money, freeze or seize your funds, they keep your transaction data, they are targets for hackers, and honey pots for hostile government agencies. Using custodial services defeats the entire purpose of Bitcoin.

Install Your Own Bitcoin Wallet

Your Bitcoin journey begins with downloading a mobile or desktop application called a Bitcoin wallet. It only takes a few minutes, it’s free, it’s fun, it’s secure and it’s easy.

Your Bitcoin wallet will be your gateway to the Bitcoin network...

Nobody else has access to your money, not even the programmers and corporations that created the Bitcoin wallets.

Secure your wallet

Financial freedom comes with individual responsibility.

There are two major risks to Bitcoin self-custody

  1. Accidentally losing or breaking the mobile, laptop or hardware device on which you keep your Bitcoin Wallet.
  2. Getting robbed physically by a thief, or remotely by a hacker.

To recover your Bitcoin, if you lose access to your wallet, you must create a physical backup (on paper or metal) and keep it in a safe place.

To protect your Bitcoin Wallet and the Backup from thieves, you must add a secret passphrase. Nobody will be able to access your money without the passphrase, so don’t forget it!

For additional security you can purchase a specialized device (a “hardware wallet”) but this is not required.


Receive and Send Payments

Bitcoin is not just a way to protect the value of your savings over time, it’s also the best payment network the world has ever seen.

To receive payments, your Bitcoin Wallet will generate and display Bitcoin addresses that you can share publicly or privately with anybody that wants to send you money.

To send payments, all you need to do is enter the Bitcoin address (or scan QR code) of the recipient. No additional documentation or permission required. The transaction cannot be stopped or reversed. Unlike custodial services, your Bitcoin wallet protects your identity and you can make anonymous payments.

Bitcoin wallet options and phone support

Choose which type of Bitcoin wallet works best for you.
Try doing it yourself with our free Bitcoin wallet tutorials.
Request paid 1-on-1 phone support if you need personal assistance.
Mobile Wallet Set-up
BUY - $100DIY - FREE

Fast & Easy

Mobile Wallet Set-up

During your 30-minute session you will be guided through the set-up of the Bull Bitcoin Mobile Wallet. This is a great wallet for any beginner wishing to start their self-custody journey or for those wishing to have easier access to a small amount of their bitcoin for spending.

At the conclusion of the session, you will be able to receive bitcoin transactions, send bitcoin transactions and be introduced to lightning payments.

Top features:

  • Quick setup and very easy to use
  • Convenient for day-to-day mobile payments
  • Basic privacy tools
  • Lightning Network option
  • Recommended for small amounts

Package includes:

  • Software wallet (Free)
  • 1-on-1 wallet setup support by video conference


30 minutes


Hardware Wallet (Coldcard)

Coldcard is a top choice for cold storage. The session will cover the set-up of either a MK4 or a Q (link to order). Learning how to use a Coldcard requires more time and effort (plus shipping time) but is worthwhile if you're looking to take your bitcoin privacy and security to the next level.

At the conclusion of the session, you will be able to receive bitcoin transactions, send bitcoin transactions, be able to delete wallet and restore from seed and understand secure seed storage. This setup also includes the use of a passphrase (optional).

Top features:

  • Most secure Bitcoin device ever created
  • Fully open-source hardware and firmware
  • Compatible with multiple desktop and mobile wallets
  • Multiple security, recovery and transaction tools
  • Perfect for creating long-term storage vaults
  • Must have for making large transactions frequently

Package includes:

  • 1-on-1 wallet setup support by video conference

Desktop + Hardware

60 minutes

Orange pill your friends and family

After hearing you talk about Bitcoin all these years, your loved ones have finally taken a leap down the rabbit hole for themselves.

You want to encourage their full transition into a Sovereign Bitcoiner, but you don’t have the time and energy to help everyone with a proper self-custody setup. You don’t want to be responsible for making sure their bitcoins don’t get lost or stolen.

Send them over to us, and we promise we will take care of them and set them up with a proper Bitcoin-only wallet, the right way.

Each of our packages can be offered as a digital gift card. The recipient simply has to claim the gift and we’ll take it from there.


Meet the Team is a collaboration between Bull Bitcoin & Bitcoin Mentor.

Francis Pouliot, founder and CEO of Bull Bitcoin has been teaching thousands of people in person how to install Bitcoin wallets since 2013. He was responsible for the Bitcoin education programs at the Bitcoin Embassy in Montreal, the world’s first physical Bitcoin center from 2013 to 2017.

Ben Perrin (aka BTC Sessions) is the Mentor’s mentor. Ben’s educational content forms the base of Bitcoin Mentor’s mission – to arm our protégés with the tools to protect their bitcoin generational wealth. Over the past 8 years Ben has built a reputation as the pre-eminent bitcoin educator, which led to the development of theBitcoin Mentor business and service offering. Ben’s Youtube channel has over 275,000 subscribers and has over 10,000,000 views of people looking for guidance on their bitcoin journey.

Francis Pouliot

Francis Pouliot

CEO and Founder of Bull Bitcoin
Ben Perrin

Ben Perrin

Co-Founder & Chief Mentor, Bitcoin Mentor

Become a sovereign Bitcoiner

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Install, secure, and manage your bitcoin wealth with one-on-one video support.

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